Hand crafted Ceramic Arts

Blue Witch Ceramics is a site for dog lovers in all of us. Lovingly created, are Collectible Mugs, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Note/Picture Holders, and Piggy banks, Key Chains, Christmas Ornament, that are perfect gifts for any occasions. With over 120 breeds of dogs available in all colors, find the image of your best friend on a dog mug. Collect some possible new best friends as well, or give the ceramic mugs as dog gifts. Enjoy yourself with these unique pieces of art, and check back with us for new upcoming art works.

Dog gifts, 3D Dog Mugs, Dog Collectible, Dog cups, Pet gift etc.


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Collectible Mugs of all kinds of creatures. Ranging from our most popular Dog Mugs to creatures from deep under the surface.


Collectible Salt & Pepper Shakers of the most popular dogs, and even a few other animals


Let these adorable figuines hold on to your memories, or just a reminder of someone special.