About Us

Blue Witch Ceramics Inc. is a family owned company committed to bringing unique hand crafted collectible pieces of art work into your homes. Founded in 2007 by Art Schuller and sister in-law Pomm Bunyakhet (Madame Pomm)

Madame Pomm, master artist, and dog lover, continues to bring to all dog lovers unique ceramic art pieces that will not be found in the mass merchandise stores. Madame Pomm started making doggy mugs in the year 2000, and have expanded into other animals, musical instruments and recently added Salt & Pepper Shakers and Note Holders. With the help of her artist friends, she has finally been able to make enough inventory to sell to the thousands of people whose been waiting for their favorite dog to be available.

Please look thoroughly thru this site for your favorite dogs or animals to be the conversation piece in your homes.


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